We remember before our God and Father your work produced by faith, your labor prompted by love, and your endurance inspired by hope in our Lord Jesus Christ. 1 Thess.1:3.

I woke up laden, weighed down by heavy burdens.  God made me a sunshiny morning person, but some days I wake up with a groan and lay still for a moment with the covers over my face.  Then the calendar starts talking.  Do you ever have those days that spit out a black and white obligation, and then that obligation transforms into a colorful prism of grace?

I did this…..

The Women Inspired Luncheon, in Tammy Maltby’s home, shot through with glowing Holy Spirit connections.  This is me ………

…..smiling as big as my face can stretch as I soak in the wisdom, the kindness of faithful women in a gracious home.  Each precious lady in sweet Tammy’s home glows with Love’s light.  Each is a leader, a lover, a servant to the women of this city.

These women……

….are unfurling a banner of mentorship through Women Inspired.  Julie Gorman. Sandra Aldrich.  Tammy Maltby.  Lorraine Pintus.  Leaders whose hearts are brimming over with God’s dream to mentor women through seven core areas of their lives. Please click here to learn more.  They invited us to be a part of connecting women with this extraordinary ministry.

Yes please.

April 27-28th, 2012.  Be inspired.  Click on the link above to connect your heart to these precious women who long to truly see you, and only then, help.

Like a bone dry sponge suddenly immersed in fresh water, I soaked in inspiration from each fresh conversation with a remarkable lady.  I basked in the company of women who impact this city with God’s heart.

Lord, thank you for pouring life into my spirit today through your Beloved. Thank you for blessing this community with strong women who breathe faith, hospitality, health, identity, relationship, purpose and balance into their spheres of influence.  Lord, I have so much to learn about being a leader, a lover, a servant.  Thank you for these precious relationships to mentor and love me.  I place myself under the banner.  

Me = inspired.

PS.  A special thanks to the lovely Tiffany Stuart, whose photos I diabolically pirated from Facebook because all I had was my grainy iPhone at the luncheon.  Thanks for being prepared, lady!


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  1. Hi Girl I loved LOVED seeing you. Thank you so much for being such a beautiful part of the day…You are a prize girl…in everywhere…

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