By doing this they will be storing up their treasure as a good foundation for the future so that they may experience true life.  Guard what God has entrusted to you. 1Tim.6:19-20.

Jack will go back to school tomorrow.  He will bounce his bubble of exuberance away from our home two afternoons a week for a Pre-K learning extravaganza.  Tonight we celebrate with a Back to School Family Night Treasure Hunt.  We eat a simple dinner in the dining room (or Diamond Room, a la Jack and Lucy), then embark on a treasure huntin’ adventure.

What is a photo without a silly face?

Answer: The basement (*&@%$ Dog)

Six wild and wacky clues later, it all leads to THIS………………

Lavish Treasure

and this……

Lucy praying for Jack's school year

The pictures are grainy, but the moments are priceless.  We laugh and race upstairs, then downstairs, stumbling over our feet on the way, giggling as we search nooks and crannies for hidden fortune.  I catch Lucy as she leaps off the landing into my arms with gleeful trust. Jack pumps his fist in victory as he finds each scrap of paper. He preens with shy confidence while reading and deciphering each clue all by myself, Mommy.  I catch my breath as I pray over our son, pray that he will be a leader in his classroom, pray that he will reflect our Savior and our family with strength and boldness, pray that he will shine forth and receive God’s love at school.  He hugs his spiderman lunchbox tightly to his chest, holding onto a year of gleaming possibilities with superhero dreams.  A spiderman lunchbox and a bag of his own school supplies.  A little boy trove of extravagant treasure.

The real treasure, of course, is not in the blue paper gift bag under his pillow, but in an evening of shining moments of love and launching.  As he takes another step, however small, into a world of his own, we send him out by drawing him in.  Though my heart does not fully understand this, he is not our treasure, but God’s, entrusted for a breathtaking season (o so short) to be embraced, crafted, protected in the shelter of our home.  Although Mommy’s heart feels a gnawing sadness grow, it is grace that Jack’s little life expands beyond our borders, so tonight we give him a spiderman lunchbox and a blessing.  It is only Pre-K, after all, but it matters.  He begins to glide into a space of his own in the world, a life he may choose to tell but cannot really share.

Jack, what can I offer you as you slide into your own Love-ordained space?

I offer you my love, fierce and unbreakable, that will encircle and protect you when a higher Love allows.  I offer you my heritage of faith, if you choose to answer Love’s transcendent call (O son, please seek for Love as your greatest treasure, your pearl of great price).  I offer you my wisdom, small as it is, from my own failures and triumphs, to instruct you dimly in Love’s mysterious ways.  I offer you my promise of prayers to batter Love’s gates on your behalf.  I offer you all of my own treasure, earthly and beyond, to serve you as you walk under Love’s banner.  I offer you my permission to dig your own mine of treasures, with or without me, as you follow Love’s siren song.  I offer you my blessing for each step into a higher Love that you take.

God is Love. 1 John 4:8.

I pray that you will rock that spiderman lunchbox this year.  And I pray that Love will be your greatest, deepest, wildest treasure.

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  1. Fabulous job mama! We need to do more treasure hunts around here! Thanks for the reminder! Jack will be a leader, he will love the Lord, he will be all the things you long for him to be and many more you never could have imagined.

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