Ok, so here’s an update on my heart.  I LOVE this blog. The combination of it and my cake decorating class make my head spin with joy.  (I am easily pleased. Which I like about myself.)  Here are my latest cake decorating creations.

Ta DA!!!!!!!

I am quite pleased with my cupcake efforts, although my shaggy mums need some work.  I’m on it!

Today I am mulling over some thoughts about mission versus relationship.  I really want to write a post about it (coming soon!).  It requires hard, exhilerating work to bring those thoughts into unified being here, which is becoming one of my heart’s desires.  I think that’s what happens when God makes a way to walk in calling.

But today I am setting that desire aside, because I have a pile of dishes in my sink and two loads of unfolded laundry.  There are crumbs on my kitchen floor and sticky handprints on my coffee table.  My home needs attention, and that breathes love into this man –

Look! The Whites have discovered Instagram!

Dreamy Scott just got back from Alaska and he’s t.i.r.e.d.  Chaos external breeds chaos internal, so today I don my yellow rubber gloves and clean my toilets as a gift to my man who works so hard to love us well.

And if the opportunity to raise up drippy arms in worship to the Lord presents itself, I will take it.  Scrubbing my sink with Pandora worship in the background?  Yes please!

You have just experienced a glimpse into me talking myself out of being grumpy about boring cleaning instead of fun blogging or cupcake-making.  True story.


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  1. One of the many reasons I love you is because you remind me how important it is to be a good wife. Even when I don’t want to.

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