This weekend I took a cake decorating class with Super Friend Kristen.  Here is my very first attempt at a professionally decorated cake:

DUM DA DUM!!!!!!!!

I’m Ok with it, because there is no way to go but up.

I will keep you posted on my cake decorating adventures.  The pressure is on, because Super Friend Kristen is a domestic MANIAC, so I, who am domestically average, will make it my mission to strive to keep up with her cake decorating-wise.

Dreamy Scott left this afternoon for a week in Alaska, so the kids and I had root beer floats on the patio. I don’t have a picture of it, so I am including a picture from a few weeks ago that pretty much captures the spirit of the evening.

Previous adventure, same amount of fun, at Lulu's frozen yogurt

The kids are in bed and I have a few precious hours to myself.  Yesterday I received a Bible Study I ordered from Lifeway, Kay Arthur’s Covenant: God’s Enduring Promises.  I will mull over this thick, pithy study as I continue to shape the Bible Study I am writing, God With Us, about the dwelling places of God unfolded through the covenants.  I start Covenant tonight.  I joyfully anticipate this study, because Kay Arthur is a luminous Bible scholar and I sop up her teaching with an awed and grateful heart. I have so much to learn from it.  I will work through it in my quiet times while I incorporate appropriate slivers of what I learn into God With Us.

Will you pray for me as I dive into Covenant and cultivate God With Us?  Sometime soon I will post about the intimate adventure of my personal journey into the covenants; how the dwelling places of God unfurl in an endearing and majestic arc through covenantal history.  I invite you into my Holy of Holies, where the Holy Spirit has immersed me in tidal wave depths of worship and insight that have changed me forever.

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  1. Personally, I think using fondant just looks a lot more professional. It’s super hard to look good with other frostings. That said, this is a good effort! I’m proud of you 🙂

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